Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Blueberry Pancakes

I'm pretty picky when in comes to pancakes, in fact I typically don't care for them at all.  For some reason this past weekend I had a wicked craving for them and began searching for recipes and ran across one that seemed promising on one of my favorite recipe sites www.smittenkitchen.com

The writers has customized a Blueberry Pancake recipe from Martha Stewart that sounded nice.  Buttermilk, farm fresh eggs, clarified butter and fresh berries (I substituted lingonberries for the blueberries).  Sounded nice to me!  The girls recommended making sure not to over mix the batter in order to ensure light fluffy cakes as well as not including the berries in the mix itself, but rather placing them on the pancakes once they begin to cook.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember was to use butter to coat the pan rather than oil (keeps the cakes from burning so quickly) and the keep the temperature on the low side of medium.

For a person who doesn't like pancakes I can assure you I will revisit these many times!


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